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Deadline to submit for volunteering is March 31, 2021.
Volunteer Opportunities include:
  • Evaluation of the teams (~2 hours, Team evaluations from April 1-10)
  • Mentoring (3 – 4 hours, Team mentoring from April 15 to May 15)
  • Coaching (3 – 4 hours, One on One and Team coaching from April 15 to May 15)
Recommendation of Speakers (If you know a motivational speaker who may be available in the next four weeks for topics such as):
  • How to raise funds from VCs
  • Make a successful exit
  • Navigating start-up process
  • General presentation skills
Please complete the google form for volunteering at the link to express your interest and availability, so that we will get back to you with an appropriate assignment involving your participation. Guidelines for mentors and coaches will be available on our website shortly.
Success has its own challenges, and we need your help for this program to continue to be successful, so please respond to our google form to support the next generation of entrepreneurs.  We sincerely believe that volunteering in this program provides another avenue for CMs to engage in TiE DC.
Warmest regards,
Co-Chairs of TiE DC University PitchFest 2021
Ravi Puli                                                      
President & CEO                                   
International Solutions Group                      
Prof. Mahesh Joshi
George Mason University
Joshi International, Inc.
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