President’s Notes, January 2018

TiE DC is off to an exciting start in 2018 and I am thrilled to begin my tenure serving our vibrant community of entrepreneurs. Your Board has been hard at work to develop meaningful programming to foster connections and enable insights for growing businesses.
We are the ONLY organization providing a critical platform that began for first and second generation immigrant entrepreneurs, and has extended beyond. As a member of TiE DC, you are part of the largest global network of entrepreneurs, with 15,000 members in 60 chapters across 17 countries. Traveling to major cities in the U.S. and around the world, you can develop valuable relationships with fellow company builders. So if you are a Charter Member, a Member or wondering whether to join or re-join TiE DC, now is the time to jump onto the bandwagon!
If you are a seasoned and successful entrepreneur, you may wonder why you should join or continue your TiE DC membership. Life is a spiritual journey. How do you define “success” in your life? Here are new ways to look at life and being active on TiE DC that transcend material benefits:
  • You will have the opportunity to be role models and mentors to those getting started.
  • Some of you will be invited to candidly share your life and entrepreneurial journey to excite and energize others.
  • Participating is your small way of sharing, inspiring, motivating, and giving back to the community of budding entrepreneurs and future global leaders.
  • It will remind you why you became an entrepreneur and provide deeper meaning to your life.
  • You will gain an opportunity to network with business leaders, captains of industry, and learn from them.
We have started to develop a dynamic calendar to help foster deeper connections. Examples are:
  • Jan 30: TiE Tuesday with Alyssa Ayres and Our Time Has Come: How India is Making its Place in the World — SOLD OUT. Members received a FREE book with registration, with an opportunity to meet and get it autographed by the author at the event.
  • Feb 20: BiggieBills, Strategy Simulation Game Day. This fun, interactive game on proprietary software is valued at over $500 per person (free for Charter Members and $250 for Members).
  • March: Start Up Workshop teaming up with American Bazaar Online.
  • April: Exciting entrepreneurial panel with Hemant Kanakia, Sanju Bansal and others sharing their journeys to empower and inspire us.
Mark your calendar for these TIE Global events:
  • Feb 21 – 22: TiE Global Summit II in Mumbai, India
  • May 4 – 5: TiEcon in Santa Clara, CA, USA
  • Jun 22 – 23: TYE Global Business Plan Competition in Washington, DC, USA (TiE DC is the host this year!)
  • Jun 29 – Jul 2: TiE Charter Member Retreat in Prague, Czech Republic
If you don’t join now, you are missing out on the fun and action! If you are a member, we invite you to get more engaged and active! We value your ideas, so contact us directly at [email protected] to make TiE DC even more exciting and meaningful.
Thank you,
Sheela Murthy
TiE DC President

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